Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't stop till ya get enough

Moar peeps.
These folks are so cool to chill out with me for a few minutes!
Chatroulette apparently even thought I was having too civil of a conversation with this last gal and dropped our connection... Harvey Weinstein, ninjas, improv groups... We were on a roll! =[


  1. Great work!

    That was me in the Bender mask.

    I love the drawing you did. Would you be tempted to sell it to me??

  2. Tempted, yes. But I'd rather just give it to ya. =D

    In fact, when I scan it in, I'll be sure to scan in at high quality so I can just send you the file. Then you can print out a nice, clean copy of it at home, or for like 50¢ or less at Kinko's or some place like that.

    Email me at so I'll know where to send it! =)